The VSS Board is chaired by a non-executive Director.  It supports the delivery of effective Corporate Governance in keeping with the Code of Good Practice (NI) 2013.

The Board takes an objective long-term view of the business of the organisation, leading its strategic planning process and assisting the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer in setting and meeting its corporate aims and objectives.

Under the general guidance and direction of the Ministers of The Executive Office, the key aspects of the Board’s role include:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the organisation, including its vision, values and strategic objectives;
  • Overseeing the implementation of its corporate and business plans, monitoring performance against objectives and supervising its budget;
  • Leading and overseeing the process of change and encouraging innovation, to enhance the organisation’s capability to deliver;
  • Overseeing the strategic management of staff, finance, information and physical resources, including setting training and health and safety priorities;
  • Establishing and overseeing the implementation of the corporate governance arrangements of the Victims and Survivors Service Limited, including risk management; and
  • Overseeing and monitoring progress against all of its equality of opportunity and good relations obligations.

The VSS maintains a register of interests for its Board Members.  This is available for review on request.

The VSS Board also observes an agreed Code of Conduct, which can be made available on request.

Meet the VSS Board

Board Place Holders

Oliver Wilkinson


Oliver Wilkinson was appointed to the VSS Board on 13 December 2013, and to the position of Chair on 1 April 2015. He has approximately twenty years senior management experience in the voluntary sector, firstly as CEO of Victim Support NI from 1992- 2002 and CEO of Discovery 80 Ltd from 2002-2011. Oliver is also a founding member of Healing Through Remembering.
Board Place Holders

Beverley Clarke

Board Member

Beverley Clarke was appointed to the VSS Board on 1 April 2015. She has over twenty years experience as a child care social worker and manager in England and Canada. She is an independent expert witness in child protection and safeguarding and is appointed by the Family Courts in contested Hearings. Beverley has also worked as an adviser to the Ministry of Justice, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office, and was a Panel member in the Acknowledgement Forum in the Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry. She currently works in the Truth Project in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales.
Board Place Holders

Patricia Haren

Board Member

Patricia was appointed to the VSS Board on 1 April 2015. She has over 14 years’ experience in Senior Management positions in the Voluntary Sector, including as Director of the Bytes Project (2000 to 2004) and as Director of the Women’s Support Network (October 2004 to January 2014).
Board Place Holders

Bertha McDougall

Board Member

Bertha McDougall was appointed to the VSS Board on 4 December 2013. Previously, Bertha was a Commissioner for Victims and Survivors from 2008-2012, and also held the role of the Interim Commissioner for Victims and Survivors from 2004-2006. Bertha is currently the Chair of Forgotten Families.
Board Place Holders

Richard Solomon

Board Member

Richard Solomon was appointed to the VSS Board on 5 December 2013. He has fifteen years experience in the public and private sector and held the post of Managing Director of a multi-faceted retail operation. Upon selling his Business in 2004 he embarked in a career in the legal profession. He is currently a practising Barrister specialising in Civil and Commercial Litigation, Chancery Law, Corporate, Intellectual Property Law, Public Law and Banking. He sits on the Board of Agri Food Bio Science Institute and is a panel member on the Civil Legal Aid Panel.