We aim to be a safe pair of hands that supports victims and survivors as they engage with the diverse services, agencies, and other parts of society that contribute to the full and healthy life of the individual.

To be that safe pair of hands, we work closely with a strong network of partner organisations, including:

  • The Executive Office, which is responsible for setting policy and allocating the budget for victims and survivors.
  • The Commission for Victims and Survivors, which is the listening ear and the speaking voice for victims and survivors. The Commission is responsible for providing advice to The Executive Office in relation to policy decisions.
  •  The Special EU Programmes Body is one of six cross-border Bodies established to support peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border regions. The SEUPB is the Managing Authority for the EU PEACE IV Programme.  VSS is Lead Partner in a PEACE IV project providing support and services to victims and survivors.
  • The Victims’ and Survivors’ Forum, which works closely with the Commission in relation to understanding the needs of victims and survivors, informing the advice given to The Executive Office.