We have a duty of care to both:

  • the victims and survivors to whom we deliver services, and
  • our own VSS Staff. 

Our Duty of Care to VSS Clients

When you come to VSS to access services, we will ensure that you are safe.  In delivering services to you, we will maintain a non-judgmental, compassion-focused approach. 

In all of the work that we do,

  • We put clients first;
  • We seek and listen to the views of others;
  • We work in partnership with others; and
  • We strive continuously to improve our standards and the experience of our clients.

If you are not happy with the level of service that you have received from VSS, we want to hear from you. 

Information on how to make a complaint or give us feedback can be found on this website, by clicking the link below:

How to Make a Complaint

Our Duty of Care to VSS Staff

We take steps to ensure that VSS Staff work in a safe environment that protects their wellbeing.   In the event that VSS clients or members of the public conduct themselves in a challenging, threatening or otherwise unacceptable manner, VSS has a duty to protect the staff members that are affected.

In order to do this, the VSS has adopted a Policy on Handling Unacceptable Behaviour from Members of the Public.  This policy has been developed in consultation with the Commission for Victims and Survivors, and can be accessed by clicking the link below.

If you require further information about these or other policies and procedures that guide the way that we work, please contact us.