This organisation receives support from the Victims Support Programme for Groups Working with Victims and Survivors, to deliver some or all of the services that it provides.

Its views do not necessarily reflect those of the Victims and Survivors Service.

Derry Well Woman exists to identify and address the health and social care needs of women of all ages from the North West of Ireland.

Derry Well Woman has clearly defined aims and is based on core guiding principles.


Derry Well Woman seeks to:

1. Provide women with a women-centred health service which will improve health and well being of women, families and communities.
-To provide women with a comprehensive and accessible women-centred health service in a relaxed and non-clinical atmosphere run by women, for women.
-To provide/deliver, in partnership with other agencies, a range of programmes and activities relating to aspects of women’s well being.

2. Support Community Health Projects.
-To support emerging community health projects and groups through the sharing of Derry Well Woman best practice.
-To stimulate community Health Action, throughout the North West, by working with existing community / women’s groups particularly in areas of disadvantage.

3. Improve the health status of women who experience inequality.
-To improve the health status of women, particularly those women who experience social exclusion, isolation and inequalities.
-In doing this we will partner with other groups in campaigning to address issues relating to the causes and effects of social exclusion.

4. To reduce exclusion and improve the health status of the most vulnerable and excluded in society, specifically Travellers and marginalised women.

These aims will be delivered through the creation and maintenance of modern professional and flexible structures to meet women’s health needs. Derry Well Woman is committed to ensuring its service provision is shaped by latest thinking, evidence of good practice and research. Derry Well Woman is committed to staff welfare and makes opportunities relating to family friendly working and work / life balance available to staff.

How To Access This Service

If you wish to make contact with this organisation, feel free to call or email them directly using the details provided.  Alternatively, feel free to contact VSS on 028 90279100. Our Client Services Team will be happy to assist you.

Office Locations

Derry Well Woman
17 Queen Street
BT48 7EQ

Contact Numbers:

  • 028 71360777
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