This organisation receives support from the Victims Support Programme for Groups Working with Victims and Survivors, to deliver some or all of the services that it provides.

Its views do not necessarily reflect those of the Victims and Survivors Service.

The Victims and Survivors Trust (VAST) is a member based organisation established in 1998 serving people who have been affected by the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. Our members meet the legal definition of a victim as outlined in Article 3 of the Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

Our four strategic aims are

1. Create a place of safety for victims and survivors where they can gain access to services that will improve their individual personal wellbeing.
2. Enable victims and survivors to remember, share their story and listen to others so they can feel valued and supported.
3. Enable victims and survivors to reconnect and recover from their traumatic experiences.
4. Deliver a professional community centred response to the needs of individuals directly affected by the conflict based on research evidence and best practice.

In order to achieve these aims and objectives the Trust delivers a wide variety of services to members including social support, psychological support and truth and justice advocacy.

How To Access This Service

If you wish to make contact with this organisation, feel free to call or email them directly using the details provided.  Alternatively, feel free to contact VSS on 028 90279100. Our Client Services Team will be happy to assist you.

Office Locations

VAST (Victims and Survivors Trust)
Unit 12 Social Economy Village
Hannahstown Hill, Belfast
BT17 0XS
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